Remembrance Sunday – what does it mean to us?

Blue skies over Tinto Hill

On Friday I found myself turning on the radio in order to listen to silence. It was the best thing I could do, sitting at home where I work – in silence, to join the rest of the country’s act of remembrance.

It was strange, because quiet contemplation is essentially a solitary act, but somehow it works better when others are doing it too. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, bloggers have been in contemplation this week or so.

Lavender and Lovage reminds us of the touching poems by Rupert Brooke and John McCrae.

Black Stallion Photography has pictures of Edinburgh’s new Field of Remembrance. Scroll down for heartbreaking messages on some of the crosses.

Caron’s Musings is delighted with Tower Bridge opening.

Wot’s News? takes the occasion to consider Scotland’s position in future conflict and some more poetry, Wilfred Owen this time.

Fitbathatba brings a take on the entirely unnecessary FIFA/FA/poppy fuss.

On my blog, the poetry theme continued with Laurence Binyon and my memory of when Remembrance stated to mean something.

Yoga Blog considers the nature of silence.

In other news

Keith Easton learns a little about radio.

In Scots, Wulf Kurtoglu is books – with a review of Scotland in Science Fiction and a sneaky plug for his own book.

Lallands Peat Worrier considers Devo Max.

Sumptuous interiors from Yeah… Ok… Bye.

Science Has The Answer actually has a paradox – wine makes you thin but gives you cancer.

While it’s the day after chemo for Guinea Pig mum.

Blur of Woodsmoke really doesn’t like hardback books.

And if you had to pick one read to settle down with your cup of tea for then, Westcoasting’s wander round a ghost village is the one.

The photo is from Ros Gasson.

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