January 2012

Blogs o’ Independent Mind

Well, only one topic really gripped Scots bloggers this week.  Stand by, everybody: it’s a Referendum Roundup! There were many differing views – although oddly, none of the nominated blogs argued in favour of the union. Do Unionists not read the Roundup? Several of the constitutionally-focused posts had a reflective feel to them. Caroline at […]

A hearty hotchpotch

The Scottish blogosphere was abuzz with talk of one thing this week. Yes, you’ve guessed it, independence. As news of a referendum in 2014 sunk in, bloggers got down to the detail. Scot Goes Pop gives six shamelessly trivial reasons to vote for independence. Topping the list? Scotland will have its own entry in the […]

A parcel of rogues?

It has been a quite momentous week for Scottish politics.  First David Cameron and Alex Salmond clashed over a future referendum on Scottish Independence.  The Salmond announced that a referendum would indeed be held in autumn 2014.  It is finally here – we are to be asked if we want Scotland become an independent country! […]

Scottish blog roundup: new thoughts cover old ground

Pic by Sunrise in Inverness by Dove via flickr from Scotland in the Gloaming So 2012 is a week old already. Apparently this means most resolutions have already been broken and we have passed the most depressing day of the year. That out of the way we can get on with business as usual. But […]

Scottish Roundup: Blogging through 2011

Before we crack on with 2012, it’s time for a little look back at the past year on the Scottish Roundup. And while we browse, here’s a video made by our chum Misssy M January 2011 Do you remember the resolutions from way back then? How did you get on? Caron’s daughter forced her to […]