Smacking and other punishments…….

Labour MP David Lammy made some controversial comments about smacking this week. Kirsty at Better Nation takes him to task. But this has been a week which has seen high profile figures take other forms of punishment. Mr Goodwin lost his knighthood. Again at Better Nation, Aidan argues that he’s the scapegoat for much wider failings. Ben Lomond Free Press, however, found humour in a Telegraph typo in an article about the former RBS head.

Chris Huhne has yet to face the courts, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but he’s already paid a huge price. A Scottish Liberal looks at what his resignation means for the Liberal Democrats.

I wrote that the gagging order on Tommy Sheridan on him being sent to complete his sentence at home was a punishment too far.

Moving on, Jonathan Kent at Bright Green talks about his university days in a Green pressure group with new Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey.

The Burd warns us that we really should be paying more attention to the Budget that’s sweeping its way through Holyrood with precious little scrutiny.

It’s been National Library Day this week, so Bear Bahoochie tells us about a day in her life. I want her job. Also with a literary theme, Islay Blog writes about the new book festival on Colonsay. Tory Hoose argues that Scotland’s national bard was a unionist Eurosceptic while The Landlocked Seal muses on celestial independence.

Tuesday saw a glittering and packed reception at Holyrood run by the Equality Network and the Equal Marriage Campaign.  Kelvin reports on the night’s speeches and the growing consensus for change.

Letters from your mum reflects on what life was like before smartphones. How did we ever cope?

How to feel a right tit is the title of In a Bun Dance’s post about the importance of being breast aware. Read it – it could save your life.

Do you have the knowledge that could save Is there a Plan B’s flapjacks? Sticking with food, My Monkfish points to some retro pictures that those of us of a certain age will love.

If you didn’t see it earlier this week, have a read of Ellen’s post telling you how you can help Scottish Roundup improve and expand.

I couldn’t let the week in which The Simpsons character Groundskeeper Willie was revealed to be a son of Kirkwall go by without a mention, but the blogosphere has been very quiet on the subject. It’s left to the Orcadian to report local MSP Liam McArthur’s efforts to make sure false claims to Willie are eradicated.  My view – if Linlithgow can honour Scotty from Star Trek, then Orkney should take full advantage of their fictional son.

And, finally, while we are all snuggled up by our fires during the cold snap, Mountain and Sea Scotland went on a 3 day kayaking trip this week and took some lovely photos.

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