This Little Light of Mine…

The great thing about blogs is that they can shed light on all sorts of things. From carpentry to cats, snowballs to sarsaparilla, you can find a blogpost about almost any subject that will explain matters quickly and concisely.

This week’s batch of Scottish blogs have only one thing in common: they all offer us an interesting nugget of insight. We start with Open Justice, which previews a week-long project, beginning tomorrow, which aims to shed light on Scottish justice issues which normally go unreported. They plan to use social media to discuss legal points in a way that is accessible to all of us, and jolly good luck to them.

Also expounding on generally unnoticed matters is Tony Boaks, who gives us a somewhat eccentric tour of his recent blog comments, including a rather uncomplimentary one about Elvis’ manager.

Taking an altogether more serious approach is Dan at Liberal Sellout, who’s been looking at electoral figures in Edinburgh to work out where Tory voters are most likely to put their second vote. He concludes, rather intriguingly, that Lib Dem candidates would be better off trying to secure Conservative second choice votes than trying to get their own voters to support them. Ah, politics, it’s a fickle mistress…

The redoubtable Burdz Eye View is also thinking about Edinburgh politics, and wondering why the capital’s councillors felt it necessary to dream up an extra £26 million of expenditure at a time when we’re all supposed to be skint. She concludes, shockingly, that it may have something to do with an upcoming election. Surely not?!

Scottish Mum is pondering a different type of legalities, wondering whether a contract between the nation’s parents is feasible. She promises to hide her dishes in the oven, as long as her fellow parents eat plenty of sausage rolls. Sounds fair.

And we finish with the most endearing post I’ve read all week, in which Susan K Mann provides a series of unbearably cute pictures of her wee boy in a furry pig costume. It’s as cheering as it sounds.

So, that’s all for this week: I trust you feel suitably enlightened. Have a good week, and remember to nominate your favourite blogs for next Sunday. Pip pip!


  1. Thanks so much for including me. But just to be clear I state that it’s “almost as worth canvassing Tory voters…as it is their own”. Hope that’s clear in the post!