March 2012

Troon, Turing and Intolerance

Morning all. The good people of the Roundup have foolishly left their back door open again, so I’ve sneaked into the opulent editor’s suite for a good rummage through the blog drawer. Here are the best posts I found inside. We begin with Turing. The extraordinary codebreaker was vital in World War II’s victory, but […]

Does your mum still make those fine chips?

Edited by Douglas Daniel This is my first roundup, and as someone who generally sticks to the politics area of the Scottish blogosphere, it’s been interesting looking through lots of blogs which have nothing at all to do with politics, which is obviously the whole point of the roundup – to give a glimpse of […]

Your Scottish Roundup: Looking for first class blog posts…

The Scottish Roundup is a wonderful and varied thing. That it covers politics and parenting, folk music and football is testament to the rich seam of blogs we are mining in Scotland. When I take my shot at editing I find the job invariably takes me longer than it should as I discover new blogs […]

Aberdeen: The Battle For Union Terrace Gardens

Pic by At Least Daddy Can Cook. This week’s roundup falls naturally into Four parts: Aberdeen, politics, Scotland and nostalgia. Aberdeen I’m going to start with Aberdeen out of fondness for my years in the Granite City. While the rest of us are vaguely aware of a bit of a to-do over plans for the […]