Aberdeen: The Battle For Union Terrace Gardens

Pic by At Least Daddy Can Cook.

This week’s roundup falls naturally into Four parts: Aberdeen, politics, Scotland and nostalgia.


I’m going to start with Aberdeen out of fondness for my years in the Granite City. While the rest of us are vaguely aware of a bit of a to-do over plans for the city’s Union Terrace Gardens anyone with an AB postcode is likely to have his or her weapons at the ready.

Aberdeen Voice has reproduced much of a letter from Shakhaf Barak to a friend. It is entitled “Letter To The Sane World”.

Billy The Kid chips in with, well, considerably more than tuppence worth. He thinks “it feels wrong”.

The Daily Liam is “slightly in favour” of the transformation.

And Writing From Scotland takes her mind off the whole thing with some fabulous post boxes.


Perceptive Travel has a particularly moody time in Glencoe

And Bairds Travel hits the road north.


Bloggers put their questions to Willie Rennie and Priggy reported.

Meanwhile, Caron was getting ready for the Lib Dem conference with her pick of the conference agenda. Obviously by now, it’s mostly a done deal. If you are interested you could do worse than check back at Caron’s blog to see how it went.

And elsewhere and with other parties, SNP’s pledge over Glasgow City.


Musicfootnotes reports on the gig for the late Gerry Rafferty. It’ll help if you play the video while reading the post.

The Absurdist remembers her gran in a wonderfully evocative post.

Sticking with grannies. Scottish Mum has a moments musing over photos of three generations of women.

And finally, while not strictly nostalgia, A Wee Bit of Cooking, has me hankering for brighter weather and the time (and inclination) to cook something spectacular. It’s a beautiful blog and I can’t think why I haven’t come across it before.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and if you see any posts worth sharing, please let us know.

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