Your Scottish Roundup: Looking for first class blog posts…

The Scottish Roundup is a wonderful and varied thing. That it covers politics and parenting, folk music and football is testament to the rich seam of blogs we are mining in Scotland.

When I take my shot at editing I find the job invariably takes me longer than it should as I discover new blogs or read wonderful posts from old favourites. But I don’t mind as I am informed, moved and amused by turn.

However, I’ve noticed that of late there haven’t been quite so many nominations for blog posts. Perhaps everyone is busy living the life rather than blogging about it…

So I’m writing this as an appeal, a reminder if you like, let us know what you’ve written or read that you want to share. Don’t be shy, if you’re pleased with a post of your own, send it over. Blog Images and videos work too.

Nominations by Twitter @scottishroundup or on the form here please.

Thank you.

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