Does your mum still make those fine chips?

Edited by Douglas Daniel

This is my first roundup, and as someone who generally sticks to the politics area of the Scottish blogosphere, it’s been interesting looking through lots of blogs which have nothing at all to do with politics, which is obviously the whole point of the roundup – to give a glimpse of the breadth and depth of the kind of blogs that are out there.

Let’s start off with Captain Scotland, a superhero who is coming to terms with his new-found superpowers and the side-effects they bring, including having to remain sober while watching the Scottish rugby team (a rather daunting task). It’s quite a new blog, only starting up last month, and I’d recommend going back to read the first few entries, so you get an idea of the backstory. One thing Captain Scotland could do with is a logo, so perhaps he could take the advice of David Wong, writing in Rookie Oven, who explains the hallmarks of a good logo (wish we’d had this advice when I was in a band…)

Sarah Rooftops talks about accepting the imperfections in a relationship, while Felicity Fox seems to have a similar tactic, which she calls the “long leash theory”. Not so sure about comparing us blokes to dogs though! Although perhaps a dog is just the solution to the problem posed by Fitba That Ba

Brian Pope blogs on more familiar territory for me, noticing that the Scottish Government’s list of “shovel-ready” projects that have been presented to Westminster is rather sparse in terms of South of Scotland projects, and wonders if this represents a missed opportunity. Over at That Guy From Easterhouse, Kenneth Murray backs Asda’s move to ask suppliers to continue sending normal branded goods to their Scottish (and Northern Irish) supermarkets, rather than ones branded with Union Jacks.

Sticking with politics for a moment, Edinburgh Eye bemoans the lack of female representation in politics, a view echoed by Kirsty over at Better Nation while congratulating Leanne Wood on becoming Plaid Cymru’s new leader. The always excellent Burd (aka Kate) has brought attention to the alarming number of families who are going to be forced to do some recalculating of the household finances in the face of the Tory cuts to child tax credits, and a bit less close to home, Dorky Mum asks us to sign up to Save The Children’s petition to stop the killing in Syria.

Talking of mums (dorky or otherwise), as it’s Mothering Sunday, we’ll end on In A Bun Dance, where Ellen tells mothers to stop aspiring to silly standards set by TV parenting shows and super-slim celebrity mums and ask themselves a few simple questions to determine if they’re a good mother or not. I would add “do their old school friends still remember those fine home made chips you made them 25 years ago?” to the list, but I’m just showing off because my mum’s food is legendary. She is, of course, the best mum in the world, and she’ll continue to prove that by making lots of fine cakes with the food mixer she’s getting from me and my sister…

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