April 2012

Donald Where’s Yer Turbines?

Scottish Roundup’s normally strict avoidance policy regarding Tony Boaks’ Despairing Notes is hereby challenged by virtue of the fact that I’m Tony Boaks and I’m sitting in the biggest chair. Fasten your seatbelts. The news, and hence the Scottish blogosphere, has been dominated by two main stories this week: ‘What are we going to do […]

Under April Skies

As wide and varied as they customarily are, so they have been – so far. It’s been a long driech winter but with a few signs of spring in the air, many have taken their first holiday or break of the year with one blogger I Done a Holiday making a welcome return as he […]

Oh, to still be on holiday…

After the silliness of the end of term my school library has been a wonderfully quiet oasis for two weeks, conversely the public libraries have been totally crazy entertaining the holidaying children.  Librarian Loons and Quines posted her Favourite Read Aloud Picture Books , though I noticed she missed my favourite – Tanka Tanka Skunk by Steve Webb. Library […]

Happy Easter and some fine egg-amples of Scottish blog posts

I was going to start today’s offering with some fluffery and chocolate cakes, yet when I read a post by Juliet Swan on Better Nation I knew that more domestic things would have to wait. Juliet makes the outstandingly obvious observation that surely politics must promote equality. This led me to find out more about […]