Happy Easter and some fine egg-amples of Scottish blog posts

Joanna Lyczko & Seila Susberg 'Octopi' 2011 ©the artist

I was going to start today’s offering with some fluffery and chocolate cakes, yet when I read a post by Juliet Swan on Better Nation I knew that more domestic things would have to wait. Juliet makes the outstandingly obvious observation that surely politics must promote equality.

This led me to find out more about Juliet and she blogs in her own right. She asks if gravitas is a euphemism for male. I often wonder if the same thing happens in the blogosphere and I’ve no reason to think it doesn’t as blogs reflect “real life”. Perhaps when women blog – particularly when they have also blogged about domestic matters – it has less clout than a blokey blog. Notable exceptions including Caron and Nic. If this bewilders you, as luck would have it, Is There A Plan B has some advice on how to be a feminist.

Right, now, gravitas out of the way, here’s how you might fill your Easter break.

First to the cakes. (I was going to make some comment about it being possible to be a feminist and still make wonderful cakes, but I thought better of it.)

The Scottish Mum Blog has a sweetie cake and Susan K Mann has a gingerbread house.

For many it’s a weekend off and what could be better than messing about on a boat. Scottishboating tells of a trip to Germany, but also hints at a juicy tale of arresting a ship “The whole episode involved time spent in the faculty library studying precedents and working out how one should nail the writ to a vessel with no masts.” I do hope a future post tells this tale.

If you fancy a spot of culture, Scottish Art Blog reviews the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition.

Lower brow, after some hemming and hawing I took the kids to see The Hunger Games. See how we got on.

And the weather? Crazy isn’t it. Hawth discusses fluffy rain and howling winds.

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