Under April Skies

As wide and varied as they customarily are, so they have been – so far.

It’s been a long driech winter but with a few signs of spring in the air, many have taken their first holiday or break of the year with one blogger I Done a Holiday making a welcome return as he recounts how he has managed a) To freeload around the world in recent years and b) Get himself tae France for Easter.

A Son of the Rock has journeyed south to Gloucester and follows his passion for all things Art Deco.

AnElephantCant meanwhile extols the virtues of staying closer to home and pays a poetic tribute to Glasgow’s Queen’s Park which is celebrating its sesquicentennial year (It’s ok, I had to look it up too!)

It’s a sporting month, what with the boat race and the Grand National, and what’s this? there’s to be the first all Edinburgh cup final since 1896 and a rare chance for the Hibees of cup glory? Fan of beaten semi-finalists Aberdeen, Ken Fitlike wishes Hibs well whilst reflecting on what might have been. Well worth checking this post out for the photos.

Adullamite meanwhile can hardly contain his glee at his beloved Hearts overcoming Celtic in the other semi final. He has also managed to source some photos of that last (and only) all Edinburgh cup final 116 years ago.

It was with great sadness this week that I learned of the passing of Alastair McSporran after a long and bravely borne illness. “Alastair’s Heart Monitor” was quite possibly the most visited blog in Scotland before he decided to make it private a few years ago, he having been appointed to a high profile position in the legal establishment. Anyone old enough to remember the fitba’ fanzine The Absolute Game can still read some of Alastair’s wonderful writing in another blog he set up to remember his and others’ contributions.

Talking of matters legal, there was a first this week in the broadcasting of Lord Bracadale’s passing of sentence to David Gilroy in the Suzanne Pilley murder case. Lallands Peat Worrier expresses reservations about what televising such an event achieves.

In other academic surroundings, Scunnert publishes a magnificent photo of the new library at his place of work and delivers some homespun philosophy in a conversation overheard in Aberdeen.

Ellen Arnison is a dab hand with the camera too, catching a wonderful shot under a particularly stunning April sky of the highland fault line from Conic Hill above Loch Lomond.

Kerry Dexter writes about Scots and Irish folk music and tells of the stage production/book/record The Boy and The Bunnet, which is an educational production in Gaelic/Scots language and music.

On to the more serious matter of politics as Scott at Love and Garbage p..p…p….picks up on the local council election fever sweeping the country.

As if a penguin standing as a candidate, or indeed voting, wasn’t strange enough, who knew it was a criminal offence to put a dummy up for election? Election agents nationwide will surely be dreading a knock at the door.

I fair enjoyed my first review for a while and thanks for reading.

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