May 2012

100% accu-rat

I’m writing this on my couch, a couch now covered in baby food thanks to Horatio (my poorly pet rat), who has just stuck his paws in the baby food I am feeding him. On the plus side, the couch covers are washable, so while I wait for him to finish his meal I thought […]

From the eyrie

Calton discovered the Scottish Roundup as a newbie blogger late last year and it introduced him to an amazing number of good Scottish blogs. Now it is his turn to share some of them with you. Calton loves maps and National Collective has some really interesting ones made by superimposing Scottish maps on the map […]

A few of my favourite things

There were no nominations this week so I’ve done what any self-respecting editor would do and imposed my own nominations on you all.  This week’s RoundUp consists of ten 16 of my favourite blogposts this week, chosen with a little help from Ellen over at In a Bun Dance (with whom I appear to have […]