Sunshine, snaps and songs – Scotland in the week the Yes campaign launched

With at least 27 months to go until the Independence Referendum, the stars of the nationalist firmament gathered in an Edinburgh cinema to launch the Yes Scotland campaign. Lesley Riddoch and I both noticed a severe lack of women in the line up. It’s already won over one bloke, though – Jeff from Better Nation. Dark Lochnagar has 10 reasons copied by a fair few others across the internet.  The Burd has 10 more.

Yesterday, the Equality Network took to the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate Scotland’s diversity in the wake of a Scottish Defence League event.

Everywhere was basking in glorious sunshine – except that particular micro-climate of Livingston, as I discovered. Luckily, Love and Garbage was there to live blog it, as usual.

Audrey Birt outlined a conflict I know only too well, trying to do a job that demands 100% passion with a body that’s running on empty. Learning to pace yourself is easier said than done. She has found that mindfulness helps.

Last night, every social networking site I was on was dominated by talk of Eurovision.  As always, the Scottish blogosphere was well prepared by the event by Scot Goes Pop, even if his crystal ball was a bit wonky.  We end as we begun, with the prospect of independence. Scotland, would of course, be free to choose its own Eurovision entry if independent and what better than this? Twitter really comes alive during Eurovision, and Dorkymum this week explained why she likes the wonderful world of microblogging.

Unnecessary waste has been on some minds this week – Yeah, Ok, Bye highlights a site that breathes new life into tired furniture so you don’t have to throw it away and Is there a Plan B looked at the amount of food her family threw away.

The operators of Glasgow’s subway plans to ban photography. Actor Alan Cumming tore that idea to shreds. Picture Our Subway has some lovely photos and details of how to make your views known.

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