June 2012

Music, Film and Scotland’s Future

Last week, we had the furore over Argyll and Bute Council banning Martha Payne taking photographs of her school lunches but she was back this week with her latest lunches and on her Friday post said the she found it difficult to take a photo that day. I hope it wasn’t because of the ban. […]

So what did you learn at school this week?

It was the ‘silly season’ story that Scottish Roundup dreams are made of – petty bureaucrats at Argyll and Bute council attempt to censor a nine-year-old girl’s photo-blog about her school dinners, then back down live on air following a storm of protest on Twitter.  Actually, we should all be duly grateful they caved in […]

So much more than politics!

When I put my hand up to edit this weeks roundup I was keen that it introduced me to a wider blogging world in Scotland and I do think it has. I like to think there is some thing here for everyone, thanks to the talent that is out there in the blogosphere. Its impossible […]

This week’s Diamonds of the Scottish blogosphere

The independence referendum has inspired many blogposts this week, some about process, some about the substance of the issues. I was a little vexed to find my picture on the Yes Scotland website – they eventually changed the way they were doing things. A Shoogly Peg said we should be talking about the substance, not […]