July 2012

Olympic efforts

The much anticipated Olympic Games are now underway. Kids, Craft and Chaos captures the wonder and delight of the spectacular Opening Ceremony.  Events had kicked off with women’s football at Hampden a couple of days before. Scot Goes Pop was there with the sort of enthusiasm he usually reserves for Eurovision. He saw the faux […]

Rambings, naked and otherwise

Many of us who have followed the story of the six year detention of Stephen Gough, better known as the Naked Rambler breathed a sigh of relief when he was released from prison and allowed on his way on Wednesday. Sadly, two days later, he was again in police custody. In a Bun Dance, while […]

New arrivals and difficult questions

You would think, the length of time it has been since I last threw my hat into the Roundup editorial ring, I would have years worth of links I had saved up to share. As it’s worked out, however, this week I’ve been so busy with work and freelance commitments, as well as the adoption […]