Rambings, naked and otherwise

Many of us who have followed the story of the six year detention of Stephen Gough, better known as the Naked Rambler breathed a sigh of relief when he was released from prison and allowed on his way on Wednesday. Sadly, two days later, he was again in police custody. In a Bun Dance, while highlighting the contradiction between nudity being illegal in a country where pornography is easily accessible, suggests that Gough could make his case in a much more effective way. On the other hand, Millennium Dome suggests that it’s the state that has kept him locked up in solitary that’s the real baddie here.

We’re only a week away from the Olympics and Four Four Two shows that Scotland is underwhelmed, at least by the football events to be taking place at Hampden. Lallands Peat Worrier, on the other hand takes a humorous look at the security concerns as guest poster Ecclefechan Mackay suggests a possible solution.

In the week we lost Bob McLean, Gerry Hassan looks at how we can use his example to build a healthier way forward for Scottish politics.

On constitutional issues, Talk of the Hebrides has his own answer to the West Lothian Question – move the UK Parliament to the Western Isles.

The Shoogly Peg is on a mission to keep tabs on how Glasgow’s council keeps its election promises and reckons that Councillors need to focus their efforts on them.

David McColgan, writing at  SCVO Scotland blog thinks that the proposed measures on lobbying are flawed.

Over at Better Nation, in the wake of publicity about schemes which allow parents to bring their babies to the office, Kirsty has a look at what family friendly actually means.

The week the Government was expected to announce it was implementing equal marriage in Scotland kicked off with the delights of Glasgow Pride. Kelvin Holdsworth wrote about why it was important to be proud.  A Burdz Eye View passionately puts the case for equality, even if she isn’t a big fan of marriage. Jaye talked about being threatened with legal action by the Catholic Church. Sadly, though, we were to be disappointed as the Government delayed their final decision. As the BBC reported leaked emails, I thought the whole thing had a whiff of fish about it.

In culture, the Quotidian Times has a review of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. As Edinburgh prepares to welcome its various Festivals again, Dorkymum showcases the BBC Poetry Slam. I had been hoping for some early blogged reviews of the two huge events in Edinburgh last night. I’m assuming blogging Madonna fans must have been too tired after getting home so late but I’d have thought Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans who’d been at the live show at the Playhouse would have been a bit more nocturnal. Let’s hope I have some to share with you next week.

Bloom Venture Catalyst has news of a scheme to keep Logie Baird artefacts in Helensburgh.

Never Seconds was all excited to see the kitchen her readers have paid for in Malawi start to take shape.

Kids, Craft and Chaos reports that three little girls had a letter from the Queen herself.

And, finally, Scotland in the Gloaming has some mesmeric footage of the Northern Lights at Barassie Beach.

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