Olympic efforts

The much anticipated Olympic Games are now underway. Kids, Craft and Chaos captures the wonder and delight of the spectacular Opening Ceremony.  Events had kicked off with women’s football at Hampden a couple of days before. Scot Goes Pop was there with the sort of enthusiasm he usually reserves for Eurovision. He saw the faux pas over the North Korean flag first hand. Fitba Thatba was scathing about the mistake. Lallands Peat Worrier wonders whether this might have breached the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.  There’s also a bit of irony about Bright Green not entirely disagreeing with Mitt Romney.

The Equal Marriage campaign has put Olympic effort into its positive campaign over the last few years and were delighted when the Scottish Government announced its decision to legislate for pretty much everything the campaign wanted. I wrote about how well everyone had worked together. Paul Spicker’s Social Policy blog wrote about the purpose of the Scottish Government’s consultation.

The announcement was made the same day that Archbishop-elect Philip Tartaglia’s comments that same sex behaviour is bad for health and may have contributed to the death of popular MP David Cairns, someone who was admired across the political spectrum. Those comments were further inflamed by the Church’s Head of Media in a Scotland Tonight interview. Patrick Harvie did a bit of fact checking in an open letter while A Scottish Liberal asked what David Cairns would have made of Philip Tartaglia. Better Nation writes about two Scotlands, and the best way to make sure the reactionary one does not survive.

Same sex marriage is not the only issue for which the Scottish Government receives praise. Its new NHS Gender Reassignment Protocol is analysed by mephisto_5 at ONTD Political.

The debate on Scotland’s future continues. Bright Green tells us that not all those in favour of independence want us to stay in NATO with the formation of a new coalition. The Summer Silly Season, in the company of “Vladimir McTavish” is under way at the Future of Scotland. Scot goes Pop tackles the controversy over two Scottish footballers not singing God save the Queen.

Moridura asks what art is while In a Bun Dance is frustrated by questions of modern life. Mind you, I suspect she’s probably alone on one of them. I’ve never, ever wanted to do that and I’m sure you haven’t either. You’ll immediately recognise which I’m talking about.

Holiday snaps from Scotland include these from a trip to the Highland Wildlife Park from Simon and Karen Spavin. Birds, Travel and Whimsy has some pictures of roses, showing, perhaps, that Summer is finally here? Sea Kayaking has some pictures of a trip to Ailsa Craig.

Christopher Harvie writing at Bella Caledonia is not too happy with Niall Ferguson’s Reith Lecture.

Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe is but a week away. Ever so Juliet has some tips for getting the most out of the event.

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