August 2012

Whose blog is topical anyway?

It’s the burd here with the round-up this weekend.  The observant among you will have noticed that I took a bit of a blogging holiday this summer.  Partly it was down to there not being all that much to blog about, but also because I couldn’t quite get round to blogging on topical issues timeously. […]

Olympics, Music and Politics

With the Olympics closing today after a fortnight of non-stop sporting action, I’m sure some people will be happy that they’ll be over and none more so than Raymond Weir who doesn’t like that the state broadcaster offers hardly any other programming outside the Olympics for those who are not interested in sport, not least […]

Standing in the way of control

Freedom. Control. The ability to define yourself and the world around you. These, no less, are the themes of this week’s Scottish Roundup. You might not think so, when you see that we’re starting with Vonnie at Blotted Copybook’s paean to some of her favourite tunes. You might, in fact, think that it’s just a […]