Olympics, Music and Politics

With the Olympics closing today after a fortnight of non-stop sporting action, I’m sure some people will be happy that they’ll be over and none more so than Raymond Weir who doesn’t like that the state broadcaster offers hardly any other programming outside the Olympics for those who are not interested in sport, not least the fact that the “Olympic Family” get their own designated lanes for driving around London.

Meanwhile Birds, Flowers & Travels has chosen to use the nice weather to enjoy the garden rather than sit inside and watch a small box all day.

Jeff over at Better Nation asks since the whole country is getting behind Team GB in London right now, whether we should be backing Team Great British Pound? Alan Cochrane, well-known journalist spoke recently of his difficulty of getting a Scottish note accepted south of the border, Jeff proposes that we standardise British notes.

With all the political rhetoric being flown around Westminster about the legacy of the Games, investing in the Olympians of the future, Kate Higgins, looks behind the rhetoric to see if the politicians can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Meanwhile Nic Prigg, uses the Olympics to make a sporting analogy of Nick Clegg’s speech announcing the dropping of Lords Reform, & his strategy while Andrew Page takes a look at what Nick Clegg and the LibDem negotiating team should have done in order to secure reform.

Its the beginning of August and in Scotland that generally means one thing, the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Been too busy watching the Olympics? No matter, the f-word has a review of week one of the fringe.

MusicRoad reviews the latest offering from Fiona J MacKenzie, Archipelago.

Meanwhile James Taylor plays 2 degrees of separation – the musical version of the popular six degrees of separation. Find out if you’ve learnt how to play from someone who knows your musical hero or heroine.

Last but not least, Clair over at Kids Craft and Chaos has reposted a moving article she wrote in 2010 on finding out a friends daughter had died in the womb after the news broke this week that Gary Barlow and his wife’s new baby had been stillborn.

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