September 2012

Life goes on – whether you’re paying attention or not

As rich and diverse as Scottish political blogging is, I was hoping I would get to avoid the usual bunfights in this week’s edition of the Roundup particularly as I’ve managed to get through a particularly busy week without having the faintest clue what was going on. I only heard about Johann Lamont’s attack on […]

Batgirl was a Librarian

School this week saw a wonderful query form a pupil. During a discussion on the Scottish Independence debate one pupil asked; “If we get Independence does that mean we’ll be separated by water?” Speaking of Independence Gerry Hassan this week makes a plea for the pro-unionist supporters to make a decent argument of how Britain will […]

Outrage and woodlice

I enjoy a challenge. I enjoy a giant squishy chocolate cake too, but I haven’t got one of those at the moment, so I’ll just need to focus on the challenge. Which is this: to get from woodlice to the independence referendum in under ten paragraphs. Never let it be said that nominations to the […]

Politics, paralympics, piping and produce

It’s been the last week of the parliamentary recess and already the politicians are jockeying for position. You wouldn’t think anything other than the independence referendum was happening in Scotland. Nicola Prigg puts the case for a second question. Think. It’s Free says that the moderate majority can drown out the internet trolls on either […]