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It’s been the last week of the parliamentary recess and already the politicians are jockeying for position. You wouldn’t think anything other than the independence referendum was happening in Scotland. Nicola Prigg puts the case for a second question. Think. It’s Free says that the moderate majority can drown out the internet trolls on either side of the debate. Calum Cashley gets into EU myth busting while Ian Smart asks if the SNP really want to have a referendum at all. Alistair Stirling at Better Nation examines the prospects for further devolution after a no vote and finds the cupboard bare.

As politicians from all parties paid tribute to Donald Gorrie, the former  Liberal Democrat MSP who passed away last week, Paul Edie wrote about the colourful and principled man he knew.

Watch out young people of Scotland, the Tories are coming to get you – or at least Tory Hoose thinks they should.

Lallands Peat Worrier reads the runes from the Scottish Household Survey question on sexual orientation.

Julian Assange continues to inspire the blogosphere. Raymond Weir asks whether your enemy’s enemy is necessarily your friend.

Scot Goes Pop looks across the Atlantic to Quebec, where elections will soon take place and uncovers a row about a call for a new law requiring candidates to speak French.

What’s in Kelvin’s Head writes about how he’s hit the Herald a few times.

Remember how bereft we all felt when the Olympics finished? Never fear, because the Paralympics are here to provide us with another dose of excitement, suspense, pride and joy. Mind you, when it is over next week, there is literally nothing to look forward to so we’d better all make sure we get our fill of all these positive emotions. A Burdz Eye View, though, challenges us to think about the challenges these athletes face in their daily lives as a result of service and benefit cuts. Audrey Birt hopes that the Games will change attitudes towards those living with illnesses and disabilities for the better. Kids, Craft and Chaos reviews Oscar Pistorius’s story, Blade Runner.

On to matters cultural now, Music Road reviews Barbara Dickson’s new album. Journey to Scotland previews the Blas Festival which takes place from 7-15 September in the Highlands.

A view from the circle sums up this year’s intrigue in the world of pipe bands.

I promised you produce  – and I was amused that Newsnet Scotland felt the need to inform  its readers that Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight lasts for two weeks. Looking further afield, the famous Never Seconds blog has spent the whole week looking at school dinners in South Korea.

As ever, if you would like to nominate any posts for inclusion in next week’s Roundup, please use the box on the right, email scottishroundup@gmail.com or tweet @scottishroundup. We live in a beautiful country and I’d like to get a picture feature going. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide us with nominations for a Picture of the Week slot, to show off our gorgeous nation. Well, we have to think of some way of cheering ourselves up after the Paralympics.

We are in the process of drawing up the rota from October until Christmas, so if you fancy taking a turn at producing Roundup one week, let us know, preferably by email or Twitter.



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