Subjective truth, Singing politicians and Scantily-clad bodies

Picking up the baton for this Round-up malarky is always a bit nerve wracking. I’m never sure quite what to focus on, quite what you all enjoy reading and if my choices will interest you because you are not my readers, you are, well actually I don’t know who you are! I worry that I should try to be more political, musical, funny but in the end I go with what I know, with my own voice.

I was glad to discover that Dorky mum has the same questions about her own online voice. Does being online change who you are or would your family and friends still recognise you. Sarah hosts a guest post about how your online life can change your whole life as well as explaining how she stops herself from ending up in the Internet Vortex.

Questioning what you are hearing has been a bit of a big deal this week. Raymond Weir talks about how the stories of the rioting and destruction across many countries has been turned into a story about wannabe presidents. Closer to home the Burd wonders if it’s just her but shouldn’t the new Hillsborough information be given some discussion north of the border rather than a record breaking guinea pig and a memorial for Neil Armstrong. If you only had time for the headlines on the BBC News website this week Caron believes you would be forgiven for thinking that Perth had seen an eruption of food fights instead of domestic abuse and violence.

One debate that has come back to the surface recently is the subject of those scantily clad glamour models gracing some of our tabloids. The campign is growing momentum but Ellen writes from the journalist’s perspective and wonders if it really can succeed and if it would really change anything. Perhaps the debate has been fuelled by those topless pictures of Kate, Scot goes Pop explains why he doesn’t have much sympathy for the royals.

And while we are all fighting the mammaries on display in the newspapers our favourite school librarian, Bear Bahoochie, is wondering if she is losing the battle in the stacks with more flesh on show with recent donations.  Ellen finds that she doesn’t leave the argument about gender equality at work with her male dominated house declaring girls are rubbish. Although I’ve not been giving us women a good name lately with my recent public interest in attractive Paralympians, although I could argue it’s mostly that pesky librarian encouraging me.

With all those tales of misdirection, ignoring the important information and excess flesh how about some hard truth? Cartside tells of the reality of parenting some days. I know I have those days (they are usually called “Saturday”) and it can be hard to admit to them and that sometimes you would rather be anywhere else than with your children. Caron also shared something else that was hard for Nick Clegg to do- to say sorry about tuition fees. But it raised a smile with the new music video version (yes, you did read that right) now available on itunes (with profits going to charity).

But it hasn’t all been hard graft, deep thought and apologies in the Scottish blogosphere this week. Retrogirl made me smile with her painting of the hill in her local park. It’s Sunday, go on, get out to your local park too and enjoy the sunshine.


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