November 2012

From the demise of democracy to the wonders of gin.

In a week where the politics in our own nation has not been without its critics Raymond Weir questions whether the demise of democracy  is near and not just in Scotland either. And whether you agree with that or not, the media and blogosphere was alive with the antics in our own parliament. Peat Worrier […]

The one with sobbing, weeping, and tears of rage and anger.

When receiving the nominations for the round up this week I was duly notified that it would be an emotional read, and I can tell you right now she wasn’t wrong. So, I imagine you are all sitting around the kitchen table eating bagels, reading the Sunday papers, and discussing last night’s reality shows with […]

Buyouts, books, Barack, bikes (and a birthday)

Well, they kept us waiting but the votes have been counted and the results are in. No, not that election. Although if you want to read about the lessons Scotland can learn from Obama’s victory, this post on Better Nation is a good place to start. I meant this election. The good people of Scalpay […]

Music to your ears

It’s my first time in the Scottish Roundup hot seat, so hopefully you’ll be forgiving towards my musical leanings.  Before finishing off this post, I was at Jo Mango’s album launch in Shawlands (interview with Jo further down in the Roundup).  Such evenings remind me of the lashings of talent our musical community has.  Before […]