The one with sobbing, weeping, and tears of rage and anger.

When receiving the nominations for the round up this week I was duly notified that it would be an emotional read, and I can tell you right now she wasn’t wrong. So, I imagine you are all sitting around the kitchen table eating bagels, reading the Sunday papers, and discussing last night’s reality shows with nothing greatly troubling you. Before you go any further I insist that you go and find yourself some hankies, I’ll wait.

Ready? Okay, you have been warned.

We can hardly discuss the events of the last week without looking at the latest crisis to befall the BBC and Newsnight. Raymond Weir takes the BBC to task for their poor journalistic efforts in checking sources before going to air. He also wonders if there might be an ulterior motive for rushing out such an incendiary story about such a public figure. In light of such poor ethical practice it makes the story from Ellen Arnison all the more anger-inducing. She tells us of a woman who knew her children were being abused but that the abusers were so powerful in our society that she couldn’t protect them, and even more shocking that this story wasn’t the only one she heard. Dare we believe that the status quo has changed in light of the Jimmy Savile revelations?

Part of the problem is the inequality that women still have in our society. Caron re-posted a video showing the impact of image manipulation in the media and advertising making the ideal unachievable and the value of our contribution less. This is a campaign that is supported by GirlGuidingUK, and I wrote about the recent press coverage implying that the new Chief Exec, Julie Bentley, would make the Guides into a “feminist organization”– surely all modern organizations are feminist?

The anger continues on Audrey Birt’s blog where she discusses the long term impact of a serious illness, that she knows all too well how hard it can be to adapt and make lifestyle and financial changes to get on with living life. Something that is hard enough with support but it seems the support and awareness isn’t there for everyone at the very time they need it.  Awareness is something Natalie McGarry is all too aware of when it comes to fire safety. In the week where the Scottish Government launch the “Don’t Give Fire a Home” campaign she shares with us a story that brings home the heartbreaking reality of the dangers of fire.

The heartbreak doesn’t end there I’m afraid. Two stories have lingered long in my heart this week, the first is that of 6 year old Caden Beggan who is fighting for his life against Meningitis in Yorkhill. His family are bravely sharing his story and the emotional ups and downs on Facebook displaying a strength that many of us can barely fathom, in the week where the vaccine against this very type of Meningitis has been announced as licensed in the UK. In contrast to the very visible fight Caden is facing is the very raw and powerful emotions shown by Ian Smart as he discusses the reality of living with his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. His description of the constant anxiety, the sense of loss and the bleakness of the everyday is so profound that I urge you to read it but warn you it isn’t an easy read.

It’s not been all doom and gloom this week, the Burd takes a break from the political to write a wonderful fairy story that could melt any heart, if this doesn’t uplift you then nothing will. Talking of fairy stories, Plan B is wondering why don’t allow our children to read stories with difficult endings. Those stories where there isn’t necessarily happy ending and we are asked why the media feels we can’t be trusted to deal with the difficult questions. Fellow Falkirk Bairn, Alan Bissett felt compelled to pen a verse on that other difficult question we are faced with- the Independence referendum.

Finally, if your emotions can handle it, Sarah Rooftops asks you to think about those less fortunate as we head towards the festivities of Christmas. I hope your hankies lasted through all of the wonderful writing this week, feel free to get back to those bagels and papers.

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