From the demise of democracy to the wonders of gin.

In a week where the politics in our own nation has not been without its critics Raymond Weir questions whether the demise of democracy  is near and not just in Scotland either. And whether you agree with that or not, the media and blogosphere was alive with the antics in our own parliament. Peat Worrier wonders if Johann Lamont is more Samson than Delilah and Ian ( normal service resumed indeed after last weeks very brave and poignant post) has an outspoken challenge to THAT suspension decision.

The vote that went against delivering women bishops for the Church of England led Nadine to question, with many others,whether the no women bishops result should mean no automatic seats in the House of Lords.

The Shoogly Peg explores the policies impacting on families and wonders if the changes to parental leave may be Nick Clegg’s finest hour.

But what happens when the policy makers don’t listen, or not to the right people? Feministire discusses how bringing ideology to the streets can harm rather than help.

In my blog as I, like others, have felt concern at the impact of behaviours, of  our parliament I have also been inspired by compassion and an amazing article by Professor Phil Hanlon describing how to change one day at a time.

Caron too has been inspired, in her case, by Kate’s fundraising again this year, supporting books for children. I hope you are too. Retaining the theme of books Clair has developed her top 10 books to read to the kids.

And families too are the theme of Ellen’s creative household. Ellen herself writes about how you know when you have a three year old. Oh how I miss the days of half bananas in the pocket! Not only does Ellen write with wisdom and humour but it seems like her partner -writing as rantparrot-has joined the party, in great style too. They both make me laugh out loud so don’t miss them.

The next two posts have great images to savour.Valerie shares with us her walking in the stunning Dumfries and Galloway, some of Scotlands hidden gems. While Claire the foodie quine tempts us with food and a bit of mothers ruin too!

Its been a fascinating journey reading the varied blogs across Scotland. As Brucie might  say…..keeeep writing! Have a good week ahead all….



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