Comfort after a grim week

It ‘s not been an easy week, with stories of hate, intolerance and violence seemingly everywhere we look. I wrote about the violence in Northern Ireland against Alliance Councillors where a democratic decision sparked off attacks and death threats. Edinburgh Eye looks at various kinds of misogyny and hate from  the resignation of an SNP councillor in Moray to the frenzy we’ve seen after the tragic death of  nurse Jacinta Saldhana. Ellen Arnison argues that nobody has committed murder and those involved will already feel bad enough without the omnipresent media and online attacks.

Another Angry Woman looks at the issues around Ched Evans’ victim being named on Twitter and how her persecution could prevent other young women who have been raped from coming forward. She argues that it’s vital to deal with the violent culture.

The Shoogly Peg has some observations on Leveson and finds herself surprised to agree with John Major.

Kevin Williamson on Bella Caledonia takes a look at where Scotland’s creative community goes after the resignation of the director of Creative Scotland.

Ian Smart is unconvinced by Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on independence.

Grown up, thinking has some tips for using social media in third sector organisations.

Is there a Plan B questions the wisdom of giving 5 year olds books in Scots, arguing that doing so at such a young age  could confuse them.

Kelvin has been away on sabbatical these last 3 months. He tells us a bit about his travels in North America.

And now for the comfort. First, the food. What could be better on a Winter day than Scots Larder’s Scotch Broth Stew?  Especially if you’ ve been sea kayaking in rough waters. There’s not much more comforting than curling up with a book and Clair sets out ten books she’d love to find in her Christmas stocking.

And, finally, a bit of a laugh as Scot goes Pop has a look at how some people have found his blog. The things people search for on Google are strange, to say the least.

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