A catch up, a look back on 2012 and hopes, aspirations and predictions for 2013

First of all, a very Happy New Year from Scottish Roundup.

Second of all, I’m in the process of compiling the rota for March and April. If you would like to have a go at showcasing your pick of the Scottish blogosphere, let us know either on Twitter @scottishroundup or via email scottishroundup@gmail.com.

This week’s Roundup has three parts. Our Christmas break started unexpectedly early, so I wanted to make sure that the nominations received for 16th December had an airing.

First of all, Scotland Economy Watch pointed out the lack of Scots participation in the EU’s list of Board ready women.

Kelvin gave his response to the proposed Scottish legislation on equal marriage.

Raymond Weir delves into the philosophical nature of song lyrics.

Now for a look back on the year just gone:

Calton Hill ends the year by congratulating local residents for buying the Crook Inn in Tweedsmuir.

Ian Smart gives his awards for 2012, from comeback to columnists to Scottish RoleModel of the year.

Lallands Peat Worrier looks back on his top ten posts of 2012, and is delighted for the man from the Kinlochbervie Chronicle, Ecclefechan Mackay.

Bear Bahoochie looks back at the 119 books she read in 2012.

Jade looks back a bit further, to the way her Granny campaigned for the Conservatives over quarter of a century ago.

And now to people’s hopes, aspirations and predications for 2013:

Eye Edinburgh is pessimistic, predicting that things will get steadily worse for the poor while those who would have traditionally been speaking out against that and calling for more action from government will be concentrating on campaigning against equal marriage.

The Better Nation editors predict what will happen mainly inside the political bubble – including the resignation of the First Minister.

A Scottish Liberal has detailed predictions for each political party from a Scottish and UK perspective, for equal marriage and internationally. Some may not be entirely serious.  I don’t think I’ll be buying a hat for that wedding…

Whatever, 2013 holds, for Ellen Arnison it won’t include  playing this game. I shudder to think what it involves. Each to their own, but I’ll give it a wide berth too.

For Clair, the New Year brings a new blog, as she’s outgrown her last one. If you have been following Kids, Craft and Chaos, now’s the time to bookmark Extra Aardvark.

For me, the most constructive building block for 2013 comes from Audrey Birt who talks about how she wants to contribute to the development of a “Heartful” Scotland, independent or not.

My interest is in helping to shape a view of what a positive Scotland would look like. Whatever the outcome at a referendum, the world as we know it here ,will be changed. The one I want to see, whatever its political hue, is a heartful one. Not naïve about it’s challenges but seeks the solutions to them through a heartful lens. So what would that look like? That’s the question I want to explore.

If you look at the meaning of Heartful, it’s both complex and simple. The complexity includes integrity, honesty, self knowledge, being kind to yourself and others, a true generosity and caring for the welfare of others: compassion in action. At its simplest its about love and connection to others and something greater than yourself. So what would that mean for individuals, communities, organisations and even nations? 

Change, as always , starts with each of us. So today’s question is what would a heartful 2013 look like for you in your life and work. What could make your life more heartful? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Drop me an email, tweet me or post a comment on my blog.

And finally, for something completely different. Here’s Scots Way Hae’s short film about Sir Walter Scott.

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