Some light-hearted fripperies for a Sunday morning. Mostly.

The last time I was invited to compile the roundup it turned out to be a week of heart-string pulling, rage inducing tears and weeping. If it’s okay with everyone else can we switch it up and have something a little more light-hearted and fluffy this time around?


There is no better place to start than with Dorky Mum. With the turn of the year the blogosphere is awash with resolutions, 365 challenges and good intentions. This isn’t one of those (although, in truth, I am partial to them). This is an alternative take on those “bucket lists” it is a wonderful list of things to get rid of, things that would be better being buried with a shovel. Brought a smile to my face and I have agree with her on many points.

Books and reading is always high on the list of resolutions. I’ve enjoyed this rather dangerously freeing take on book ownership from Sarah Rooftops, it’s a challenge I face and one I’m beginning to get better at- although I’m a long way off from this kind of mastery. And new-to-me blog Foof and Faff delights in the wonder of the library. I do love a library.

And on that note Loons and Quines have a new post on rhymetime for babies– with a Scottish alternative to an old favourite, just in time for Burns Night. Which reminds me that we are in the midst of Celtic Connections a wonderful celebration of folk, roots, acoustic and generally brilliant music and other events for 18 days, the perfect cure for the dark, cold and damp January. It’s probably the kind of place you will find Kerry of music road in the next few weeks, she discusses the new music from Matheu Watson this week.

And while we are on the subject of all things celtic, there is a flurry of rage and posturing about Peter Rabbit getting his own tartan. I fear for his safety, run Peter, before Mr McGregor gets you for sully-ing the good name of all things Scottish. I can’t get myself in a tiz about something so whimsical, but maybe I’m missing something?

And before you think us Scots are all getting a bit introverted and need a bit of perspective on the world you need not worry. Caron has been amusing herself on a free morning in London with some of the most beautiful views the city has to offer before heading off to do some more serious work. Going even further afield is Little Grumpy G who has returned to Uganda to volunteer. It sounds like the views are stunning and the experiences will last a lifetime.

It seems I’ve went from fripperies to something a little more important. Which is handy, as I can’t finish this roundup without telling you about the best serious post I read this week. Beauty from Pain talks openly and honestly about supporting someone who is suicidal and gives some sage advice. This time of year can be hard on most of us, with less sunlight, the cold and the never-ending month at the end of your pay following the Christmas overspending but for those who struggle with suicidal thoughts daily it may be the words of support you could give them that will get them through today.

Darn it, I really really meant to keep it light and fluffy. Oh well, if I’m allowed back, there is always next time.

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