March 2013

Tweets, hoots and squeaks

Calton steadfastly refused to get involved with twitter, since it seemed unseemly for an adult eagle to be ‘tweeting’, however he was finally persuaded to get an account in order to follow the doings of the Inverness Eagle Owl (@InversneckOwl) and is now twittering away with the best of them on @CaltonHillEagle, although if someone […]

A little bit of what you fancy

It’s been a while since I sat in this comfy chair but it’s nice to be back. For me one of the great joys of rounding up the pick of the blog posts is discovering new (to me) bloggers and reconnecting with the one’s I haven’t visited for a while. With this in mind I […]

Challenging assumptions

One of the themes I detected from this week’s nominations was a readiness to challenge long held assumptions. Whether it’s broadening a political debate, or suggesting that the European Court of Human Rights isn’t perfect, albeit not for the same reasons as the Home Secretary, bloggers have been questioning ideas. Kate Higgins finds positive aspects […]