A little bit of what you fancy

It’s been a while since I sat in this comfy chair but it’s nice to be back.

For me one of the great joys of rounding up the pick of the blog posts is discovering new (to me) bloggers and reconnecting with the one’s I haven’t visited for a while. With this in mind I make no apologies for a self-indulgent Scottish Roundup.

As the way to one’s heart is proverbially via one’s stomach so let’s start with tasty stuff.

Farmer’s Girl left her kitchen to head south to the Marmalade Awards.

A Wee Pinch of Sugar is celebrating British Pie Week and the work of a Scottish talent, Acanthus Pies

I know it’s old news, but Toad and Feather tells of her first foray to the famous American donut shop.

Scottish Mum has some sensible thoughts about buying and storing food.

Muriel – of Muriel and Jasper fame – has some sage words in a post entitled How To Give Pleasure To Your Husband. Read it and laugh.

A good read? Well old chum Suzanne Egerton sheds some light on her Next Big Thing.

And while we’re on about reading, Dorky Mum gets nostalgic for her days at The Edinburgh Student.

Walking down a sunlit Edinburgh street, Audrey Birt finds herself doing her bit for the Baby Boomers and still finding reasons to be cheerful.

Misssy M Martin
went to cinema and saw Les Mis so we don’t have to. Even (perhaps especially) if you’ve seen it, this is for you. Comes with a coffee snorting warning.

There are a couple of new bloggers’ babies to announce. Both Susan K Mann and Daft Mama are telling their birth stories. Awwww. Many congratulations to you both.

Continuing the spirit of celebrating the new, it only remains to welcome four new bloggers to the scene. Jane Galbraith talks about Choice, Chance and Change, Lindsay is Naturally Inside Out, It’s No Laughing Matter finds life full of surprises and St Vincent’s Hospice has a blogger.

And finally, I’ve been busy this week, but still trying to find time to be mindful.

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