Tweets, hoots and squeaks

Calton Hill

Calton steadfastly refused to get involved with twitter, since it seemed unseemly for an adult eagle to be ‘tweeting’, however he was finally persuaded to get an account in order to follow the doings of the Inverness Eagle Owl (@InversneckOwl) and is now twittering away with the best of them on @CaltonHillEagle, although if someone can come up with an alternative word for short messages by a large and dignified bird of prey please do let him know. @InversneckOwl hoots and @Holyroodmouse squeaks (a bit like Johann Lamont at FMQs). Anyway, it’s just as well Calton has caught up with technology as this week’s roundup nominations have been submitted via twitter!

First up is Stories for our Not so Distant Future – a review of climate-change book Beacons by DorkyMum. Sounds like a worthwhile read.

Staying with blogs by Mums, Life in my Houseful of Boys has been baking some absolutely mouth-watering cakes. Don’t look if you’re on a diet, however do check it out if you have kids who suffer from eczema and you’re looking for gluten or dairy-free inspiration. Another blog post about eczema is this one here by Andy Murray (not the tennis player). It gives a very good insight into the condition for those who, like Calton, have fortunately never suffered from it.

A Wee Bit of Cooking has a photo to make your mouth water if, like Calton, you like Highland sunsets. Windfarmaction asks a very pertinent question about the value of Scotland’s wild land and the sort of scenery captured in A Wee Bit of Cooking’s photo. Meanwhile, Calton’s namesake Bishop Hill wonders if the lights will stay on after the Cockenzie shutdown this week and Ellen gets a thermal survey done of her house.

Goldenacre Fairtrade discussed the pros and cons of using social media to generate interest in their stall. They come to some interesting conclusions which others engaged in similar projects might find useful. Calton is coming to the conclusion that seeking nominations for this roundup via twitter is not a good idea since he hasn’t had very many. (If you nominated via the website – do try again next week when normal service will hopefully be resumed.)

In the news this week – a referendum on whether or not to stay in the UK. No, not Scotland but the Falklands. Absolvitor has an interesting blog post on its lessons for the Scottish referendum.

The issue of free speech is of particular concern to Calton. It was therefore worrying to discover that the McClusky report on regulating the press in Scotland should seek to include all ‘news-related publishers’, including bloggers and tweeters. Calton has commented on the issue here.

Finally, Calton was flattered to find that plans for a proposed high-level bridge across New Street, Edinburgh have been abandoned because they would have spoiled the view of Calton Hill. Unfortunately it seems that they were referring to Calton’s perch, rather than himself! Oh well. Till next time folks!



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