Dates Debates And Memories But The Music Comes From A Very Different Planet

Hi I’m Gayle better known to some of you as tartantights. This is my first attempt at the editing the Roundup. I have found it both an enjoyable and challenging experience as I searched the blogosphere for the best posts of this week I hope I have managed to put together an eclectic mix which gives a flavour of what’s been keeping bloggers busy in the last seven days.

As you may have noticed its been a busy week in politics with debates on trident and Iraq taking place this week at Holyrood. This, according to that entertaining and thought provoking blogger ianssmart, smacked of gesture politics from the SNP though he went on to say that gestures were he supposed important. to some extent.

Still on international affairs Prout de Jure reports on the dangers of Conservative plans to remove Britain from the ECHR if they win the UK election in 2015 in ECHR International Law and Abu Qutada. In a thought provoking article the author warns of the dangers of any government deciding who human rights applies to and who it does not apply to.

Closer to home Edinburgh Eye  is concerned about the proposed shake up to the benefits system and blogs on a job site which has been described as a scammers’  paradise. Alarming stuff for leftie liberals like this blogger.

In what will be seen by some as the story of the week it is very pleasing to note that the date of the Scottish Independence Referendum has finally been announced. This prompted very different reactions from two of my biggest influences in the blogosphere.
 Caron mused that the date chosen for the referendum clashed with the Liberal Democrats annual conference in Liverpool and was not very pleased as this decision stating that the First Minister had been disrespectful not to have considered this.

Meanwhile there was a slightly different view on the topic from Burdzeyeview . The burd was in emotional mood on the date with destiny. In her post she  tells her readers that many years ago a whisky manufacturer came up with the idea to bottle a dram of destiny informing us that she bought three bottles to be opened on completion of our destiny to nationhood when she will drink a toast to her late grandfather.

There is however more to life than politics. Though sometimes we who are involved in these circles and live in the political village do tend to forget this so it does no harm to be reminded. Landscapes 365 does to this good effect in the excellent post Village of Confusion which explains that life on Skye can be confusing for those live there let alone Belgian tourists.

Meanwhile Foodiequine tells us of two great new places to eat in Aberdeenshire at High Seas Hobbit and Last Bus Work Cafe. This is a post which made me hungry just reading it and some of the photographs of the produce on offer are enough to make your mouth water.

For the next post Jambags takes us back to dates but not of a political kind. This post was on the subject of a first date which didn’t turn out quite the way our blogger had hoped. Ah well, we all have things we have to put down to experience.

Why is her so stroppy makes a stand for older mums in a post laced with feminism and humour she gives her own perspective on domestic duties with her imaginatively titled Spring cleaning I’d rather pick my nose which tells of the search for a lost earring and the nightmares she encountered under the bed.

Audrey Birt suggests we are totally unprepared for the consequences of an ageing society and says that we may have re-examine our attitudes to older people and stop viewing them as a cause for concern rather than celebration. This ageism which defines our society is a matter which will need to be addressed and will as she points out need a re-examination of key government policy areas.

Finally Raymond Weir frightens the life out of this blogger by taking me and the rest of the blogosphere back to a very different time 1976 to be exact A year when I went in to third year at secondary school. In his highly enjoyable trip down memory lane Weir concludes that 1976 was not just another year in pop music but another planet. This analysis is my view spot on as any year in which the sugar coated JJ Barrie hit No Charge can not only reach number be replaced at the top of the charts by the Wurzels singing a song about a combine harvester is likely to bring back musical nightmares rather than memories.

Ah well each to their own

Have a good week.



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