May 2013

Equality, empathy and a full stomach

This week started with a couple of blows for equality, as the Church of Scotland voted to allow actively homosexual men and women to become ministers and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill passed its third reading in the Commons. Reactions, of course, varied – some were ugly, but one of the best came from […]

Football, Fergie, and Food (for thought)

The football world is coming to terms with the impending retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary manager was in his current post before the author of Fitba Thatba was born! Raymond Weir gives us five reasons why Fergie reigns supreme among managers. Sticking with football, Paul Edie looks forward, longingly, to the cup final. […]

UKIP – volunteering for satire

Roundup is brought to you this week by Gavin Hamilton who blogs at The View from the Hills. The Independence referendum is but 500 days away (so soon I hear you say) and it is all getting a little intense.  This week a comedian got abuse, a St Andrews academic called the police over threats […]