Football, Fergie, and Food (for thought)

The football world is coming to terms with the impending retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary manager was in his current post before the author of Fitba Thatba was born! Raymond Weir gives us five reasons why Fergie reigns supreme among managers. Sticking with football, Paul Edie looks forward, longingly, to the cup final. Will he finally have cause to celebrate? I have to be honest and say that I know very little about football, and what little I do know is mostly related to Inverness Caley Thistle. However, it seems to me that there is something wrong with a universe in which Partick Thistle isn’t in the top flight. Glasgow Punter celebrates their return and looks back at their journey. Meanwhile, the Tour of Scottish Football Grounds watches the Jags in action against Raith Rovers.

Moving on to politics, Ian Smart shares some honest and balanced thoughts on being cybernatted after Twitter comments. He doesn’t shy away from his own mistakes, but suggests that the over-reaction was unwarranted. Lallands Peat Worrier argues that the First Minister isn’t quite as unpopular with women as some think.

Over at, there’s a story on the complexities of splitting off pension funds for companies operating in an independent Scotland.

Audrey Birt learned about caring for patients as a nurse. She then saw it from the other side as a patient and has some thoughts on how important it is to get the quality of care right, to let people feel involved and part of the process:

What being on the receiver end of care has helped me understand though is why    when your care is not person centred it is easy to disconnect. I hadn’t understood before why people sometimes didn’t  attend follow up. But  then when you wait hours in a follow up outpatient clinic to be told you are fine, without any exploration of what fine would be for you.  Nothing about how your life has been impacted on, simply about how a scar has healed…the visible ones at that. Yes I understand how it feels not to want to go back.

Dorkymum adds to that theme as she outlines why she is supporting the A Midwife for Me campaign, which aims to ensure continuity of care in maternity services, so that the midwife a mother meets in labour is someone she has come to know through her pregnancy.

Think, it’s free looks at the recent Save the Children report on the challenges facing countries in the developing world on maternal and neonatal mortality.

And if you thought that Women’s Aid only provided refuge care for the families affected, think again. On Together we can stop it, Liz talks about her job supporting children and young people who have experienced domestic violence in their lives.

On music, Lis Feria interviews Gord Matheson of Strangers Almanac about their new album and the influence of explorers including Scott of the Antarctic. Hercules Moments delves into the secretive world of the Fair-Oh’s, whose sound is described as a pancake roll filled with glass.

Duncan Stephen enjoyed Adam Buxton’s Best of Bug show which was supposed to be about music videos, but found comedy in You Tube comments.

I was quite jealous at Foodie Quine’s trip to Dunblane Hydro to taste some of Nick Nairn’s dishes.

If you’re a keen photographer, you might be interested in Dear Kitty. Some blog’s article on a Scottish nature photography competition. The closing date is 1 August, so you have all Summer to get your best entries together.

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