June 2013

End of Term

“School’s out for summer” sang my daughter on Friday “School’s out FOREVER” she rounded off. For a brief moment I had the sensation I was doing this parenting malarky properly if my children can apply classic music lyrics to real life situations. And then she informed me that the song was from Season 2 of […]

A Yogic Scottish Roundup, or The Sunday Savasana

On Wednesdays, my daughter and I go to a Baby Yoga class. I’m not telling you that just to wind up those of you who spend weekdays slaving away in an office, I promise. Though it is a rather lovely way to start the day. Anyway, there is a particularly sweet part of the class […]

On empathy, equality and inclusivity

We are finally back after some hosting problems. Many thanks to Roundup’s original founder Duncan Stephen for sorting them for us. We still have spaces for editors for 7th July and 4th August, so if you’d like to take a turn at putting your perspective on the best of the blogosphere, please get in touch […]