A Yogic Scottish Roundup, or The Sunday Savasana

On Wednesdays, my daughter and I go to a Baby Yoga class. I’m not telling you that just to wind up those of you who spend weekdays slaving away in an office, I promise. Though it is a rather lovely way to start the day. Anyway, there is a particularly sweet part of the class where you touch your baby’s head, feet and each arm in turn, saying “North, south, east, west, you’re the one I love the best”.

I know, your heart is melting at the very thought. And as it happens, this week’s blogs have something of a geographical theme. So I thought I’d base the Roundup on that little yoga rhyme. Here we go…


We begin our journey  with a visit to Ian Smart, who reflects on the Donside by-election result, and concludes that none of the parties have much to be pleased about.


Ellen Arnison at In a Bun Dance considers how print media, much of which has gone south in the last few years, can turn things round (OK, I’ve shoe-horned this one into my geographical theme a bit). She’s been thinking about community-based co-operatives, and whether they might present the answer for newspapers searching for revenue.

And Raymond Weir remembers an album by Stranglers bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel, which proposed that our southern neighbours in Europe should form a federal union. Sounds like a real toe-tapper.


James from Better Nation has been to Holyrood, where he heard Christina McKelvie MSP welcoming refugees to Scotland and celebrating Nigel Farage’s recent rowdy reception on the Royal Mile.

Dan at Living on Words Alone has done a brief but useful analysis of the Liberton and Gilmerton by-election results, identifying who is really losing votes to UKIP.

Edinburgh Reviews has been on an open-top bus tour of the city, and thoroughly recommends it.

And Deceased Canine might also want to look east. She is furious that the Scottish Government’s refreshed Cycling Action Plan for Scotland focuses on awareness-raising and campaigning rather than investment and infrastructure, as in cycling-friendly countries like The Netherlands.


The Burd has a rather poetic piece on Kilmarnock FC’s Chairman, wondering whether he really has the best interests of the club at heart.

And Ellen from In a Bun Dance, who achieves the distinction of being the only person to get two mentions in this week’s roundup, has been to Tiree and had a think about the loneliness of lighthouse keepers.

“You’re the one I love the best!”

That’s it for this week. Got a blog you love the best? Why not nominate it for next week’s Roundup? It’s easy to do, just fill in the form on the right.

Have a great Sunday, over and out. Or more appropriately, Namaste.

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