End of Term

“School’s out for summer” sang my daughter on Friday “School’s out FOREVER” she rounded off.

For a brief moment I had the sensation I was doing this parenting malarky properly if my children can apply classic music lyrics to real life situations. And then she informed me that the song was from Season 2 of the Muppet Show. Oh well you’ve got to take the triumphs where you can, and I’ve been reflecting on my children growing up as has Susan who saw her shy little boy grow into a confident little man.

I’m not the only one who has been thinking about the trials of children growing up Cartside is facing the dilemma of whether to allow her daughter partake in some of the traditions of German schoolchildren as well as discovering that her years as an ex-pat on our bountiful shores has made her a stranger in her own land. A recently returned ex-pat Eggdipdip (who lived in the wilds of London) is relishing in the wealth of natural experiences rural Scotland has brought to her sons, despite the horizontal rain. The horizontal rain and miserable weather has meant that they hadn’t missed sharing the joy of tadpoles and baby frogs with her children.

It’s not all wild woods, nursery schools and frogspawn that our children learn about but Caron discusses whether there is something more that can be done about young girls dealing with the pressure to text sexual images of themselves to their male counterparts. We need to teach our children that the everyone is valuable and that there are consequences to our actions, and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any consequences – except for the girl.

This lack of consequences is sadly replicated within the Burdz thoughts on Child Maintenance (and, as she carefully points out it’s not always the male of the species who is always at fault), she raises the issues that there are many parents who are not only absent in giving physical and emotional support in raising their children but so many more are now failing to provide even minimal financial support and that the burden of resolving this issue is now falling more and more on to the shoulders of the parent with care of the children.

In a wonderful contrast to the breakdown of relationships and the hurt they cause Lallands Peat Worrier gets a little personal and shows rare sign of emotion on the subject of Marriage Equality in an eloquent explanation of why “It’s time” alongside this is Better Nation pointing out how far we have come in the subject of same sex marriage as comparison is made with a mere ten years ago.

Whether you live in a house full of children, on your own, with your spouse or with your bidie in In a Bun Dance’s Ellen waxes lyrical on yet another domestic battle, one that is no doubt familiar to most all of us- that of the mess created by our busy and acquisitive lives. She is trying to embrace the attitude that life is more than un-sticky floors and clean underpants. It’s a lofty goal, I wish I could embrace.

To be honest housework has taken a rather backseat in my life this week. There has been something rather more pressing to cover, the annual two weeks of holding your breath and waiting to see if Andy Murray can make it all the way to Wimbledon Champion (at the time of writing it’s looking as good as it could). As usual the press are all over the key issue of the day, and Scot goes POP! looks at the never-ending Scottish – British debate (and that’s all you’ll get out of me on the Independence debate).

In the meantime since there is no tennis today, I’ll have to make do with the men in lycra on those beautiful bikes whizzing around France, Allonz-y!

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