In Summary… It’s Summery…

If you’re reading this then all I can say is ‘Phew! Made it’. I’d love to blame it on the sunshine,  but the truth is I had forgotten all about my stint editing this week’s Scottish Roundup. Luckily there have been plenty of interesting posts by those people for who no amount of good weather will tear them from their keyboards. But this weather isn’t all Zoom lollies and pillar-box red kissers, there are dangers, particulary for man’s best friend, as Brighton_Jock reminds us.

I love music with a passion, and love to read about others who share that passion, so it was a pleasure to read Gibberish who outlines the most sublime musical experience of his life, and his conversion to T in the Park. If only he had read Lauren of Living in a Boxx‘s handy guide before going he would have been prepared for anything. Over at Elvish Tendencies , Lirazelf recounts a life-affirming night spent in the company of Amanda Palmer and reminds us that music, perhaps more than any other art form, has the ability to bring people together.

For many people, politics in Scotland is on hold until next year’s referendum, and both sides are trying to swing the undecided in their direction. Bella Caledonia comes up with a handy guide as to the tribes who are yet to be convinced, and how to sway them. Gayle of Tartan Tights fame wonders if the heat is getting to some of our politicians, and if at least some people are counting their political chickens ahead of the big day.

Two instituitions which seems consistently out of touch came together this week at Muirfield for the Open Golf Championship. The R&A deem the course an acceptable place to host this world famous tournament, even though half the world are ineligable to play there.  The BBC are covering this event on TV and radio, and who do they get to front their radio coverage? ‘Gentleman’ John Inverdale, of course. Both R&A and Auntie had to release justifications about their respective choices, a sure sign that something is very wrong. Personally, my rule of thumb, (deliberately twisting Groucho Marx’ words), is that I wouldn’t wish to belong to any club who wouldn’t want my mum as a member. A Burdz EYe View looks at this situation in detail, and calls it spot on.

It is the summer hols, and for those of us without the worries of looking after weans life goes on pretty much as usual, but Donna of Mummy Central is here to give advice to her younger self as she looks forward to the new school term, and back to the last eight years of motherhood. She also advocates gin on cornflakes, but I’ve been starting the day like that for years!

At a time when every penny counts, Fergus Muirhead gives advice as to the best way to claim tax back without paying someone to do it for you, something that is not going to be a problem for Westminster politicians, according to Lallands Peat Worrier, as he outlines yet another pay rise to their basic wage.

And finally, if you’ll excuse the indulgence, Ian Gregson and I recorded the latest Scots Whay Hae! Podcast with one of Scotland’s greatest writers, James Robertson, and we are rather proud of the results.

Right, I’m off for a FAB and to put Gordons on my Golden Grahams. Have a cracking week…

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