A Wean’s A Wean For A’ That

I swear, I had no intention of writing about a certain blessed event this week, except perhaps a snide riff on the number of major retailers that have hastily managed to print celebratory bunting in these times of austerity (I’m sure Wills ‘n’ Kate appreciate the thought, but Tesco, there’s no way they’re popping in for a pint of milk and some Pampers as part of one’s royal commute). It’s just that, with some bad news about the health of my little ginger kitty tonight – yes, I’m one of those irritating childfree folks – I’ve got babies on the brain.

That said, it’s not a subject to have occupied the keyboards of many Scottish bloggers this week (to the surprise of nobody, I’m sure). My other half touched on it in his weekly column at Do Some Damage*, and A Scottish Liberal was suitably incensed by blanket coverage of people in London standing about outside a hospital doing nothing as to complain to the BBC. As for the unsavoury cabal of queers, feminists and trolls at A Thousand Flowers: well, they covered the birth in their own succinct and evocative way.

My favourite posts though are the ones about kids that are known to us in the Scottish blogging community: we’ll soon be waving goodbye to DorkyMum as she sets off on an Australian adventure with the family in tow. Sean McP reminisces about his first county cricket match as a nine-year-old, and All At Sea has a beautiful original poem that stirs up images of childhood, even if it's really about the changing weather.

There's an argument that when the nonsense news is getting too much you should just turn over, but that doesn't really hold if you have to keep an eye on news outlets for a living. In my colleague's absence I had the joy of covering David Cameron's porn proposals (oh, how I wish that was a story about somebody else) for the day job, and Jennie Kermode has hit upon exactly what the problem is with automated filters. It’s the point I keep coming back to in discussions about the proposals, reminding me of similar problems I experienced as a result of the Three mobile network’s automated filters as far back as 2009.

Ian Smart has also been on holiday, the lucky bugger. I shouldn’t really complain as it’s my turn next week, but it feels like a long way off right now..!

That post is just one of some particularly well-written, thought provoking posts that popped up in the Scottish blogosphere this week. Take Audrey Birt’s musings on some of the big social, political and demographic issues that affect her world; or Tartan Tights on what makes a true friend. The View From The Hills has reposted a piece on pension deficits and municipal debt in Detroit following the city’s recent insolvency, which is also worthy of a read; and there’s a great post over on Bella Caledonia about why an independent Scotland does not need a creation myth.

Sticking with the serious stuff, Lallands Peat Worrier has one of the best legal posts of the week, discussing a barely-commented upon Scottish court decision that appeared to indicate that “raping someone with whom you have any sexual history, even years after you ceased to have sexual contact, actually mitigates the seriousness of the offence on sentencing”. Read it. Then tell everybody you know.

If you’re in need of a palate cleanser after all that, Gluttons for Punishment have photos of an adorable afternoon tea they won. Author Russel D McLean talks about how difficult it is for “naturally insular” writers to meet their public for the first time, and the Burd comes to a similar final conclusion about Wickerman as I did about T in the Park. Way less arse cheeks hanging out of denim shorts at her choice of festival, though. Sticking with the music, new Glasgow Southside promoters Pop!South wrote about their upcoming events on my blog a couple of weeks ago – you’ve missed their first couple of shows now, but they have lots coming up (starting tomorrow!).

Lots to get through there, but if you’re looking for more the Islay Blogging Roundup is live with some great posts from the islands. We’ll ignore their wondering at where the Scottish Roundup got to this weekend… um…

*It was our third wedding anniversary this week. I wrote something about that too.

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