Summer’s end?

The weather is no longer scorchio – is this the end for the Scottish summer? Most kids are now back at their school desks leaving their parents, especially those with first-timers in the family such as The only boy in the house, with mixed feelings. He calculates that young Heather has approximately 2,499 school days to go, and if it takes another 14 years to arrange a Scotland-England match she will have left before the next one. I’m thinking he maybe shouldn’t read the post at On the cuff about weaning an adult child off the bank of Mum and Dad. Not just yet.

There was another clue to the end of summer in that first paragraph – the football is back! A Burdz Eye View muses (before the event) on previous outings for the Tartan Army and ends “forever travelling in misplaced optimism and expectation, here’s to a famous victory over the Auld Enemy.” Well, we know how it ended but over at Narey’s toepoker optimism still abounds: “It’s a dangerous thing, optimism.  But I’m more confident about Scotland making it to Euro 2016 than I have been since about 2009.  To be fair, I think the chances are now ‘slim-to-middling’ rather than ‘virtually nil’, but it’s a start.  And let’s face it, I am a cynical bugger.”

But wait! Edinburgh is still in full Festival mode, so summer can’t be finished yet. I haven’t made it over myself, but online reviews are plentiful, too many to mention. Audrey Birt reflects on the performances she has seen and what she has learned from them, concluding, with Joni Mitchell, that  “I really don’t know life at all”. How many of us do? Of course, no Festival is complete without a stushie. Several commentators, including Better Nation, took issue with Jonathan Mills’ pronouncement that next year’s event would remain “politically neutral” by not featuring any work on the theme of the independence debate. “Instead the Festival is to be complicit in perpetuating the establishment myth that an unprecedented celebration of the start of World War 1 and celebrating the Commonwealth is of more cultural significance than our biggest political decision in 300 years – all whilst remaining apolitical.” Quite.

Any more signs of summer? Transatlantic Blonde Feminist is still showing her legs. I’m not being personal, she wrote about them: the dilemma of “to shave, or not to shave” provoking an attempt to reconcile her feminist beliefs with her personal beauty beliefs. Clairwil has been disturbed by an outdoor lovers’ tiff (not hers) in which endearments such as “Skelly-eyed boot” are bandied about. Class. No wonder, as she says, her nerves are in ribbons. Pride 2013 took place on Glasgow Green – Tartantights was there, in fact I believe she was everywhere and talked to everyone. Just reading her account made me feel exhausted!

Finally, let’s return to the children going back to school – we hope they’ve taken some fond holiday memories of Scotland with them to keep them going through the long term ahead. Cue an excuse for some snaps to show off our beautiful country!  Lynne Rickards’ family visited Mull and Playing by the Books’ went to Orkney – beautiful pictures in each, making me want to go back to both places. In the meantime, I took my teenage nieces to Culzean as documented on Anabel’s Travel Blog. Wherever YOUR travels take you this week, enjoy the remaining days of summer.

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