Even Pollyanna would be really hacked off by all this unfair play

Hey everyone. As I sit in the editor’s chair It is time to reflect on another busy week in the blogosphere. This week’s round up is a varied selection covering topics from football to children literature from politics to shopping that’s just for starters so let’s crack on with what I hope will be an entertaining review of this week’s blogs.

It starts  with Raymond Weir informing us that football pundit Robbie Savage he of Strictly Come Dancing fame, claims when a big name football star wishes to leave a club he often gives ever so slightly less than less than 100 per cent when he crosses the white line. This is as Raymond points out an insult to the fans who pay the salaries of players who often earn more in a month than the fans will in a lifetime.

On a completely different note, in  100 years of Pollyanna. Anabel Marsh asks if little girls still read this literary gem that inspires her despite the fact that this year sees its centenary. I would like to think they would, after all, Pollyanna was the girl who could see only good in others

In their post Landscapes 365 says generally they don’t suffer for their art. Apart this is, for one thing, the dreaded midges which seem to be the curse of Scotland or at least the highlands and islands of Scotland.

DorkyMum informs us she is a mad blogs finalist and says she decided to take up blogging to save her sanity after two years of motherhood I think I can relate to blogging saving your sanity as I took it up for that very reason and you can blame the fact that I was and still am a regular reader of Kate Higgins at BurdzEyeView for my decision to give it a try.

Talking of the Burd she seems have caused a wee bit of a stir this week with her comments on Bulmergate/Hackergate scandal and I have to say at the risk of pelters from some people I don’t disagree with all her findings. The trick to understanding this post is as far I see it as not only to read the lines but to read between them.

Continuing on the political stories of the week Ian S Smart offers advice to the SNP on Bill Walker and domestic abuse some of which they would well advised to take. Whilst over at National Collective A Thousand Flowers has listed the top five silly season independence irrelevances. These include topics such as Bulmergate, Andrew Marr and the Commonwealth games.

Spots and Sparkles has a Zara obsession, and posted on the topic after a recent visit to their store in Seville. Yeah that’s right make me jealous why don’t you, but it all goes to show that a true shopper will find bargains just about anywhere.

Still on the theme of fashion,living in a boxx was looking for advice on what to wear for her five year anniversary dinner and the photographs on her blog show some gorgeous dresses. Personally I would have went for the red one but it is as everyone tells me all a matter of taste.

Mummy Central has concerns of a different kind as she admits to feeling more anxious than her son during his first days at school

All At Sea reminds us about graphic design and how quality artwork can make a difference to your book or blog.

Finally, with all the cultural goings on in Edinburgh for last three weeks I feel I have to post something on the Fringe and who better to write it than the excellent Claire Askew in her blog  One Night Stanzas. Her topic of choice is Diversity And Scottish Poetry where she fearlessly states that there is still much to be done on this issue. This is an issue close to my heart and Claire makes a lot of valid points in a very well written and well argued post.

Well I think that’s me said all I want to say, so keep blogging. I look forward to reading your posts

Have a good week.

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