Paintings, poetry and recipes for style cook up a winning menu

As I enjoyed doing Roundup last week I thought probably against my better judgement that I’d tackle it again. So let’s see what interesting topics have been attracting the blogosphere’s attention.

I’ll start with a recipe from Scottish Mum for Mars Bar Chocolate Crispie. This is a very temptng recipe and I’ll probably gain half a stone just thinking about its yummy deliciousness.

Still on the subject of food, Foodiequine is enthusing about her first cook book. I don’t think my mum ever bought me a cook book I think she was too scared I’d blow the building up. Well either that or she thought the only things I would ever make would be caramel cake and a mess.

Next up Living in a Boxx informs us that she went, as I predicted she would, for the red dress for her anniversary dinner and posted some pictures of herself looking amazing in a dress which is in my opinion to die for.

Meanwhile the power of poetry is illustrated brilliantly as All at Sea Scotland shares her truly awe inspiring poem Tide. Fitting as we change seasons and move from summer into autumn we are reminded of the majestic force of nature in all its glory.

Dorkymum looks forward to her knew life in Australia and takes us through the magic of blogging on a sightseeing tour of Tasmania the place where she and her family will soon call home. I must admit reading this one is a reminder that the Scottish poetry scene is losing the man we call ‘The Godfather. I wish the family all the best in their latest adventure and somehow I’m sure she’ll tell us all about her family’s new life on the other side of the world. I, for one, look forward to reading that.

Staying on cultural matters singing sensation Rachel Sermanni has written a wee blog about her recent gig at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall and tells us that no Edinburgh gig would be complete without a contribution from a certain friend of hers.

As I move on to matters political, and Caron informs us that Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie says that Scotland needs a new claim of right to deliver a greater degree of home whilst remaining part of the United Kingdom.

Ian Smart acknowledges the contribution of SNP finance minister John Swinney who he says professionalised his party during what refers to as his brief spell as party leader though a certain Alex Salmond has been the chief beneficiary of the changes Swinney made.

Talking of changes Stephen Noon senses a change in the attitudes of ordinary voters with regards to next year’s referendum. In his post he reminds readers that the yes campaign is not just a small group of people in an office in Hope Street but is made up of everyone who wants a yes vote next year.

Moving swiftly on Daft Mamma┬áhas a rant about the media and why the break up of a celebrity marriage is considered more newsworthy than the international crisis in Syria and she doesn’t miss celebrity big brother either. Trust me there may be her own admission a few choice words in this post but it shows a fiery feisty blogger who is well worth checking out.

Kevin Williamson at Bella Caledonia laments the passing of the painter John Bellany saying he was an artist who spoke to the people, his work reflecting the concerns of the fishing communities in which he grew up.

MummyCentral appeals to us to help raise awareness of her neighbour’s fundraising effort for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in memory of their beloved grandson who tragically died last year.

Ellen of In A Bun Dance tells the story of an unexpected adventure which shall we say changed the mood of her morning and not necessarily for the better.

Finally Anabel Marsh tells her readers of her visit to Scotland’s oldest lending library at innerpeffray. In her post Anabel informs that this lending library first opened it’s doors in 1680 which to my reckoning means that libraries inScotland pre-date the Act of Union. This is just a historical fact I thought you would like to know.

Oh well that’s me just finished another tour of duty. I hope you enjoy the selection in a week when there has plenty of interesting posts to read. You could say that a mixture of paintings, poetry, and recipes for style cook up a winning menu.

Have a good week.

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