Wars Words Wardrobes and Wages Provide Plenty Of Food For Thought

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Hey everyone.  It’s Round Up time again and this week, it seems that you have all been working overtime to provide us with a wide range of topics up for discussion.

So lets kick off with an offering from Burdz Eye View. This week Kate gives her thoughts on the Government’s recent defeat on Syria and why the pivotal role of Douglas Alexander makes him indispensable to Ed Milliband in the run up to the 2015 election and a potential danger to him afterwards.

Talking of potential there is no doubt that Welsh footballer Gareth Bale has plenty of it but Nicola Barry is furious with the amount of money he will be paid after his move from Tottenham Hotspur to give them there formal name to Real Madrid going as far as to brand it obscene. I have to say I agree I mean he’s not in the same league as Tom Daley. Yes I know it was nearly a year ago since ‘that dive’ but some of us have long memories.

Going in a completely different direction Raymond Weir is enthusing over the work of the author Philip K Dick saying that when Dick is on form he can cram more ideas into one book than some authors can find in an entire career.

Dorky Mum is saying hello from the family’s new home in Hobart. Whilst I’m glad to hear the family are settling well in their new surroundings, all this talk of sunshine and beaches is making me realise that the chances of me getting my swimming cossie on any time soon are about is remote as Scotland winning the world cup or me claiming the strictly come dancing glitterball. Oh well I can dream.

Staying on the theme of families Caron is a very proud auntie and shares that pride with us by sharing 21 moments from the life of her niece who has just reached her 21st birthday. It goes without saying that all involved in round up wish her niece every happiness for a wonderful future.

In contrast It’s Ups And Downs writes about her reaction to the death of her father and why this had little impact on her. This is a very moving post and shows that not all families are close knit units. These are sentiments with which I can readily identify

As someone who is addicted to programmes such as Masterchef to Hairy Bikers and Come Dine With Me I must admit I love reading blogs about food with Foodie Quine being a particular favourite. This week she is talking about an event she is organising on foraging and wild food. This, I must say, sounds like a fun way to work up an appetite.

In the world of fashion livinginaboxx.com  informs us that top trends this autumn will include tartan and pastels at least it will if you believe the cover of this months Vogue magazine and what women in her right mind would cast doubt on the ultimate style bible? Not me and that’s a fact. I also notice she manages to find something on trend at her favourite shop. Yes I do mean Zara.

Richard Jones on Buzzfeed.com offers an excellent nostalgic and at times hilarious post on 31 signs you grew up in Aberdeen. Highlights include having to read sunset song, being suspicious of any building that isn’t gray and claiming that Sir Alex Ferguson was a former Aberdeen manager rather than mention some other obscure wee club in Manchester.

Meanwhile Daft Mamma has joined the parent council at her child’s school and is concerned that the colourful language which she can sometimes use in her posts may not be suitable for such an esteemed organisation. I however take a different view in the sense that these things can be far too staid and may need a wee bit of livening up. If I am as I suspect correct in my thinking, I believe that this articulate and passionate blogger may be just the woman to provide it.

Language is important and to validate this point I as so often do, use an example from the world of poetry. No not mine, I prefer the stunning poetry of All At Sea. This week the poem entitled Bloom illustrates brilliantly that sometimes this world can be a very cruel and unfair place. It also gave a perfect example of what American poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge meant when he said that poetry was ‘the best words in the best order’ It is my opinion that publishers don’t get this poet a book deal and quickly they are guilty of cultural incompetence.

So there we have it a collection of thoughts on wars, words, wardrobes, and wages and it’s all in a good weeks blogging. Well whatever your interests I think you find something to suit your taste and I hope I given you plenty of food for thought.

Have a good week

Gayle X

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