Bloggers and readers, your Scottish Roundup needs you.

Do you enjoy the Scottish Roundup or does it annoy you because something has been left out? Either way, it might be time to step forward and have a go at putting together the roundup one week. The Scottish Roundup is put together by a team of volunteers and we know there’s no way we […]

How you can help Roundup

Do you ever read Roundup and think that you would love to have a go at giving your impression of the best of the week’s Scottish blogging? Do you ever wonder why we never ever include a certain blog? That’s because in all likelihood nobody has ever told us about it. Our small and perfectly […]

Interesting event for bloggers: Political Innovation

There is an event coming up that will interest a lot of Scottish political bloggers. Political Innovation is taking place on 13 November at the University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Forum. The Political Innovation project is a series of free-to-attend practical events at which people with ideas on political innovations can meet up with technical experts, […]

Wanted: Scottish rounduppers!

You’ll all be familiar with the worthy collective venture that is the weekly Scottish Roundup. In the best spirit of civic nationalism, the roundup gives Scottishness its widest possible definition. When it is working at its best, weekly guest editors collate suggestions from the blog-reading public, make their own choices and often highlight a missed […]

An editorial group is being formed

Well after mulling over the options for a couple of weeks, it seems as though the option that is most likely to work is some kind of group effort. Many people volunteered to help, but few wanted to do so full time. So the next step is… er, to decide what the next step is. […]

The future of Scottish Roundup: suggestions required

First off, if there is going to be a roundup this Sunday we need to find an editor. So if you’re up for it, give me an email at Thanks to everyone who has responded to last week’s appeal for some extra help on Scottish Roundup. A few different perspectives have been put forward. […]

Handing over the reins

I have decided to take a sabbatical from Scottish Roundup. Since setting it up almost four years ago, I don’t think there has been a week where I haven’t been trying to gather nominations, arrange the rota of guest editors or actually produce the roundup itself. But I have much less spare time on my […]

Evolving Scottish Roundup

Hi everyone. I’ve been having a think about the direction of this website, as I do from time to time. I want to put my thoughts to the readers because ultimately it’s not my website, it’s the Scottish blogosphere’s so the choice is up to you. I am wondering about the separation of political and […]

Bloggers’ meetup: plans finalised

Just a quick update to inform those who are interested in attending this week’s meetup of bloggers. We will be meeting in the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh on Thursday 27 August from around 6pm onwards. Some people have suggested Pleasance Courtyard may be too busy so there may have to be a Plan B. In […]

A real-life blogosphere BBQ?

As you may have seen in the comments to Will’s latest roundup, the idea of a Blogosphere BBQ has had people licking their lips. So we are kicking around a few ideas for a possible meetup. Right now we are thinking of having a little gathering to coincide with the Edinburgh Festival, probably sometime in […]