*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

The new address for the RSS feed: Here is an important notice for those loyal readers of Scottish Roundup who subscribe to the RSS feed. You may have noticed that no posts have appeared in the RSS feed since 29 March. This is an issue that has affected all four of my blogs, not […]

The roundup team!

The response to my plea for help was better than I had expected, so thanks to everyone who got in touch about that. The team has been put together, and a number of Scotland’s best political bloggers are now contributing to the roundup on a more regular basis. I will elaborate on our plans more […]

Helpers wanted for Scottish Roundup

Once again, I have found myself in the situation where I need to reduce my commitment to something due to a lack of time. I’ve already reduced my role in Scottish Roundup a bit since I set it up two years ago. I had, however, hoped that more people would nominate more posts. Unfortunately, it […]

Stuck in the tubes

If you’re looking for this month’s non-political roundup, don’t worry. This month’s editor, Jacq Kelly, is having internet troubles. It’ll be published ASAP. This is a good moment for me to also point out that, for ease of telling it apart, the non-political roundup will appear in red. So don’t be shocked if you see […]