Non-political roundup

Adrian Chiles is Satan’s Slave and Other Tales

Welcome to what is for me,  a particularly exciting round up. Why the excitement? Well the blogosphere has sent me a sign that I am not be alone in my loathing of Adrian Chiles. He is a man simply designed for slapping yet he peers from our televisions five nights a week and no one does anything. Please do take […]

Michael Jackson, and Scotland’s drained brains

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo. Do you ever type “June” when you mean “July”? For some reason, it is one of those bad keyboard tics that I unwittingly employ all the time. It has been the cause of a confusion that I only spotted yesterday. It’s it’s lucky that I did spot […]

Musical ditty hissy fits and your not-so-local radio station

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo, or the non-political Scottish blogging roundup in English. There was great news this month as the truly execrable Sandi Thom totally lost her rag — over a slightly negative review. Anyone who has had the misfortune to hear her terrible song where she sings about punk rockers […]

Here comes the summer…

Right then, here we go, my first ScoBloRoPoNo. No. NoScoRoPoNo. No. Now I’ve got it, NoPoScoBloRo! While I’ve got plenty of experience writing the Islay Blogging Roundup (which was inspired by the Scottish Roundup) this is the first time I’m writing a NoPoScoBloRo. Hopefully I can take you on a journey through a few Scottish […]

In Between Talking About the Football

No Po Sco Blo Ro Not fluent Judoon, but – with apologies for the delay – a welcome to the non-political Scottish blogging round-up which gathers together a series of the best of the non-political posts from the Scottish blogosphere. Having volunteered to do this review I have increased admiration for those that have completed […]

Learning good journalism, Scottish, Twitter and swears

Hello, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo. Or non-political roundup if you like the old clunky, more more sensible way. This is our monthly look back at what’s been great in the world of Scottish blogging. There has been a lot of talk lately about the standards of certain newspapers. See the latest political roundup […]

How To Get To Heaven From Scotland…

A break from the politics then, with your monthly round-up of the other bits and pieces that have got Scotland’s ever-passionate bloggers talking. I’m Lis, or Last Year’s Girl, behind the scenes at Scottish Roundup for the first time. Starting on a serious note this month, Jamie Ross was a teenage English student until he […]

Robert Burns and twice-baked potatoes

Hello and welcome to another non-political roundup highlighting some great Scottish blogs. I’m Sara from A Zippy Adventure.  As Scotland’s year of homecoming kicks off, why not head over to Aye We Can!  which aims to “capture the creative and satirical spirit of Robert Burns though the creative potential of the net”. A more traditional […]

Non-Political Blog Round-Up: or NoPoBloRo?

Welcome to the snappily named Non-Political Roundup or the NoPoBloRo as I’m going to call it for the duration of the post in the hope that it might catch on. First up is Gordon of One Man Blogs who found Christmas Shopping was not the relaxing spiritual journey he had hoped. On a similar note, […]