Paintings, poetry and recipes for style cook up a winning menu

As I enjoyed doing Roundup last week I thought probably against my better judgement that I’d tackle it again. So let’s see what interesting topics have been attracting the blogosphere’s attention. I’ll start with a recipe from Scottish Mum for Mars Bar Chocolate Crispie. This is a very temptng recipe and I’ll probably gain half […]

Even Pollyanna would be really hacked off by all this unfair play

Hey everyone. As I sit in the editor’s chair It is time to reflect on another busy week in the blogosphere. This week’s round up is a varied selection covering topics from football to children literature from politics to shopping that’s just for starters so let’s crack on with what I hope will be an […]

Summer’s end?

The weather is no longer scorchio – is this the end for the Scottish summer? Most kids are now back at their school desks leaving their parents, especially those with first-timers in the family such as The only boy in the house, with mixed feelings. He calculates that young Heather has approximately 2,499 school days […]

And the new Doctor Who is….

I suspect everyone knows by now. What do you think? Here Caron Lindsay muses on who might pick up the sonic screwdriver next. And as Peter Capaldi prepares for the challenges ahead, so does Polar Scott.  She’s decided to prove she has the Comando Spirit. Hat’s off to that woman. Hats off elsewhere too. Touch […]

A Wean’s A Wean For A’ That

I swear, I had no intention of writing about a certain blessed event this week, except perhaps a snide riff on the number of major retailers that have hastily managed to print celebratory bunting in these times of austerity (I’m sure Wills ‘n’ Kate appreciate the thought, but Tesco, there’s no way they’re popping in […]

In Summary… It’s Summery…

If you’re reading this then all I can say is ‘Phew! Made it’. I’d love to blame it on the sunshine,  but the truth is I had forgotten all about my stint editing this week’s Scottish Roundup. Luckily there have been plenty of interesting posts by those people for who no amount of good weather […]

End of Term

“School’s out for summer” sang my daughter on Friday “School’s out FOREVER” she rounded off. For a brief moment I had the sensation I was doing this parenting malarky properly if my children can apply classic music lyrics to real life situations. And then she informed me that the song was from Season 2 of […]

A Yogic Scottish Roundup, or The Sunday Savasana

On Wednesdays, my daughter and I go to a Baby Yoga class. I’m not telling you that just to wind up those of you who spend weekdays slaving away in an office, I promise. Though it is a rather lovely way to start the day. Anyway, there is a particularly sweet part of the class […]