Bloggers and readers, your Scottish Roundup needs you.

Do you enjoy the Scottish Roundup or does it annoy you because something has been left out? Either way, it might be time to step forward and have a go at putting together the roundup one week. The Scottish Roundup is put together by a team of volunteers and we know there’s no way we […]

Scottish Roundup: Blogging through 2011

Before we crack on with 2012, it’s time for a little look back at the past year on the Scottish Roundup. And while we browse, here’s a video made by our chum Misssy M January 2011 Do you remember the resolutions from way back then? How did you get on? Caron’s daughter forced her to […]

All Over Bar The Counting: The General Election Special

Hi folks! As announced last night, here’s a bonus Roundup (aren’t we good to you?) summing up the final days of campaign bloggery. There’s nothing more that can be done or said: all that’s left now are the results, and their aftermath. Starting with Labour, Tom Harris offers us his final thoughts, and also puts […]

New MP born after long Labour

Labour’s decision to delay the date of the Glasgow North East by-election seemed to pay dividends in view of the party’s widely trailed victory, but the winning margin, the SNP’s failure to make inroads and the jostling of the other parties for the minor places still makes for an interesting post-vote analysis from Scottish bloggers. […]

The Springburn Stramash: Glasgow NE By-Election Special

Hi folks! After almost six months of waiting, we’re close to finding out who will be the next MP for Glasgow North East, and needless to say, it’s been the subject of much online chatter. Particularly over at The Steamie, where candidates themselves have been trying their hand at bloggery – or not, if some […]

Fighting for Fife: The Glenrothes By-Election Special

Hi folks! Hot on the heels of Tuesday’s look across the Atlantic, we now home in on a corner of the Kingdom of Fife, where polls have closed in an election which might not have been quite so successful in capturing the world’s imagination but has captured a lot of attention in the blogosphere. And […]

Obama-rama-ding-dong: The US Election Special

Hi folks! Following on from Sunday’s tease, I’m in the hotseat for what promises to be a night of high emotion. Already, officials in Virginia have announced that about a third of registered voters showed up in the first four hours of polling, and that Petersburg has seen half-mile-long queues to the polling stations. Despite […]

Glasgow East by-election special

The polls have closed and now we just have to wait a few hours for the result. By the time you read this I will be getting on with something much more important — I’ll be down the pub. But I have spent the day diligently gathering the best online commentary about Glasgow East from […]

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Hi folks! As you’re probably tired of hearing by now, 2007 saw some significant changes, with the formation of an SNP Government, and Gordon Brown’s long-anticipated ascent to the Premiership (having beaten Stoke City in the play-offs, boom boom), so, as Duncan promised, I’m here to look at how Scottish bloggers have adapted to the […]

Blog Life After John Smeaton

Having missed most of the excitement of Weegies being interrupted heading off to the sun by some loony Al McQuaeda and his buddy Singe Majeep and their single handed effort to reduce the number of Four Wheel Drive Gas Guzzling Carbon Emitting Vehicles, one car at a time, I am forced to look for more […]