Dorothy as Child Tamer and other Useful Life Tips

Having just finished two weeks of off again on  again child taming myself, I could have benefited from Alex Massie’s free advice on child taming. Dorothy and friends works well apparently. The Wizard of Oz transforms cranky tots into goggle-eyed paragons of quiet behaviour. His sister Claudia has a very fine art blog showcasing some […]

Borders and Boundaries

Hi folks! This week’s Roundup is going to be a bit process-y, as you are in the tender care of an unapologetic electoral geek. This is because the Boundary Commission for Scotland has issued its long awaited draft proposals to revise the boundaries for the Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies. ASwaS takes a look at some of […]

Blog Life After John Smeaton

Having missed most of the excitement of Weegies being interrupted heading off to the sun by some loony Al McQuaeda and his buddy Singe Majeep and their single handed effort to reduce the number of Four Wheel Drive Gas Guzzling Carbon Emitting Vehicles, one car at a time, I am forced to look for more […]

SBR Number 31 Sunday Antipodean Perspectives

Lots of good stuff and thanks to Doctorvee for some suggestions. I will wade in and excuse any busted links or formatting issues. We will get those fixed. As the sun came up on all the animals in the Antipodes, this Sunday morning, my mind moved on from the overnight activities in the West Indies […]